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Karen Robie, Ph.D., Psychologist

Sylvania Area Psychologist

A brief introduction.

Well-experienced, Dr. Robie became a licensed psychologist in 2000, after working many years as a clinical counselor. She worked at a crisis center, a hospital-based outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling center, a family counseling agency, and in healthcare, before coming full-time to private practice shortly after licensure. She is licensed in Ohio and Michigan.


Dr. Robie works with adults of all ages and older adolescents looking to understand and find a better way to manage a wide range of problems that may include:


  • Depression, chronic sadness, anxiety & mood instability.

  • Troubled relationships & family strife.

  • Women's, men's & gender issues.

  • Trauma from childhood or now.

  • Chronic & acute health problems & disability.

  • Stress from work, school, or life changes.

  • Alcohol & drug abuse.

  • Mental illness.

  • Disability.

Let's get to work. 

Call 419-537-0900. Dr. Robie is accepting new patients for therapy and psychological assessment. Most of the time, you will speak directly with her to schedule a first appointment. She will ask what you are looking for with therapy to make sure it will be a good fit. Appointments can often occur within a matter of days if your schedule is flexible. 


Dr. Robie is participating with most insurances and Employee Assistance Programs. Please see our Finances page for more information.


If you are uneasy about starting, please check out Is it Time or give a call and we can talk about it.


You made an appointment, now what?

People experience a first visit with a psychologist in different ways. Some express relief and feel hopeful that things will be getting better. Others approach it with a little (or a lot) of trepidation. For all comers, it is a chance to gain understanding and make a difference in what is holding you back and keeping you down. It is a significant investment in personal energy, time, and resources. Here are some ideas to make the best of it.


Be brave. If you can't tell the whole story, let go of as much as you can so your therapist can understand the complete problem.


Be consistent. Keep all appointments. Therapy works best if it is regular. 


Own it. Don't save the important stuff for the end of a session. Speak up if there's something you need to cover at an appointment.


Be mindful. Make notes to help you keep track of what was especially meaningful in session and what you thought about between sessions.


Value it. Appreciate the step you've taken. Whether you are coming to a psychologist for a first time, or coming back again for another round; whether you come to it openly or with some reluctance, it's an important thing you are doing. Give yourself credit for that and let's get started –– we've got work to do.

Now scheduling


Call 419-537-0900, ext 101; answered 24/7, voicemail is confidential; emergency contact info on voicemail. Fax: 419-537-1300

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