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We Have Great Opportunities --
Come work with us!

Psychologist, Counselor, Social Worker, Psych Nurse Practitioner, Complementary Health Practitioner

We are an established, well-respected group ready to add a couple of skilled clinicians to our team of self-employed professionals. 

If you have been wanting a peaceful & respectful milieu that values you and professional freedom,  you may be who we are looking for.  If you want to go to work every day in a supportive and collaborative environment, please send us a response -- we are excited to hear from you!

Members of our group appreciate autonomy as well as collaboration. We are quality and equality-minded humans and clinicians. We are respectful of diversity. We have solid clinical skills, care deeply about helping others get where they want to be, and are professionally successful.

You can be (but don't have to be) experienced with private practice. We enjoy mentoring those new to private practice and can help you get started and fill your schedule.

Please address inquiries in complete confidence to Dr. Pawloski or Dr. Robie.


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