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You may be unsure about starting therapy...

Maybe you wonder, should I go? Is it bad enough? If you're asking yourself these questions, the answer is probably yes, but think about you and your situation as you read along and it may help you to decide. 


Most of us try to make our way through life's challenges on our own and generally, that works just fine. But then there are those other times –– the times when we can’t figure it out. When nothing we try seems to work, or work enough. 


Maybe you have depression that lingers. Have you ever said to yourself I have nothing to be depressed about, but you are? Sometimes we know why depression comes and sometimes it is for no good reason; either way it hurts.


Emotional paralysis and pain from anxiety can take joy out of every day, no matter how many times you tell yourself not to worry or that it does not make any sense to feel how you feel. 


Relationships are not easy and can lead to negativity and loneliness. A lack of balance in work and home, or a stressful or unfulfilling work life can make each day feel like a burden. 


For some, healthy eating and a seemingly simple act of nourishing the body gets complicated. Maybe you make choices that seem OK at the time, but repeatedly don't work.


And what about life's hellacious curveballs? Crisis. A sudden serious illness. A disabling illness. Abuse. Violence. Trauma. What do you do then? 


There are a lot of reasons to see a psychologist or therapist –– all of these and more. Is your reason good enough? Most assuredly, yes. You won't get extra points for negotiating rough terrain on your own, and you aren't "superior" because you can, or inferior because you can't. 


Just know that you can change your life.


There is a better way. 


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