Personal challenges don't stop just because there's a pandemic.

In times of crisis, it is not unusual for things we used to handle OK to start feeling like they are just too much. And we've all experienced times when it seems that life is just piling it on -- maybe even now. And in times of crisis, it is not unusual for things we used to handle OK to start feeling like they are just too much.


At NorthWest Ohio Psychological Services, we know that letting stressors go unresolved is not good for anyone in the long or short term -- for your mental health, physical health, or general sense of well-being and satisfaction with life. If you are anxious, depressed, confused, stressed, or plain old feel like you could lose it at any moment, call us.


We hear you. We want to help. We are here.

Online therapy just seems strange.

You may never have considered counseling the virtual way and may even be leery about it. We assure you, it does work and it is worthwhile and comfortable -- free of worries about viruses, masks, coughs, and all that.

Functionally, the only difference between online therapy and in-person therapy is that one is virtual. It is important to take it seriously and give it your full attention for the therapy hour. You cannot be driving, gaming, or prepping dinner (for example) while it is going on. You are likely home, but get yourself dressed and take care of yourself beforehand so you can be fully present with your therapist.  

What is needed for online sessions?

To participate in online teletherapy you will need:

  • a computer or smart phone with a camera, speaker, and microphone (usually integrated in your device); headphones can be helpful but aren't required.

  • a private setting where you can have a strong secure internet connection (not public or free wi-fi).

  • to develop familiarity with your clinician's online therapy platform.

Online services are available with all clinicians except Dr. Covert who is not currently accepting new patients.

Want to practice?

If you would like to practice using an online therapy platform, try Used by Drs. Pawloski, Rizza, and Robie, it is free, requires no download, super user friendly, and available anytime for you to check it out.

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Please come to your first appointment 15 minutes early if you need to fill out paperwork at the office.

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