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This is Mindy.

Well, hello there. That's what most people say when they first see Mindy at Suite B.


Eighteen pounds of relaxed dachshund, she is ready for some human contact or content to catch a few zzz's.


We like Mindy plenty but we know that not everyone will. If you would rather not deal with a dog for any reason, please let us know – your comfort is most important to us and we will make sure she leaves you alone.


Feel free to engage with Mindy – she likes people and is pretty  mellow. If you ask, she might sit on your lap for a spell. If having her around would make your visit easier, let your therapist know and we will try to be make sure she is at the office for your session.


What's her story?


Mindy was rescued so we don't know a whole lot about her. We think she was first rescued as young dog by a man who doted on her – she was his "baby." After several years together, he died in a car accident leaving Mindy personless.


With the help of caring folks, she made her way to the second rescue of her life, Sophia Grace Foundation, and Paige, who fostered her while they looked for the right home for this sweet girl.


Mindy's been through a lot but she is settling in. Bit by bit she is adjusting to her new home and she loves coming to NWOP.

There are many rescue organizations, including some local to our area. If you are considering a pet, please think rescue first. Awesome companions like Mindy are waiting to meet you.

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