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Questions about how to pay for psychology services & therapy?

We will help you find your way through the behavioral health, mental health, psychotherapy, counseling benefit maze.


Fees are determined by each clinician individually. Please talk with your clinician about charges for services. Special fee arrangements should be made directly with your clinician. 


Methods of Payment

Payment can be made with cash, check, major credit card, debit card, and health savings or flex accounts associated with a credit or debit card. We appreciate payment at time of service. 



You may have special needs for privacy that are not met when insurance is involved. For that and other reasons, several of our patients pay for services out-of-pocket. Please discuss self-pay arrangements with your clinician. 



Indivdual clinician participation on insurance panels varies, but across our office we are credentialed by virtually every insurance company, employee assistance program, and payer source.


Insurance can tell you if an individual clinician is credentialed with them but please know that these lists can be inaccurate -- olease verify with your clinician. We do not do BWC work. 


If the clinician you want to see is not credentialed with your insurance, do not despair. Many insurances have decent out-of-network benefits and clinicians can sometimes make a one time agreement with insurance to enable coverage. Please discuss this with your clinician.We will help you find a paneled provider if that is what you need.

We will bill your insurance and ask that you take care of your co-pay at time of service in return. 


Your portion after insurance

The best way for you to know what you will have to pay after insurance pays thier portion is to call your insurance company. Ask to verify coverage for mental health or behavioral health services. Most insurance provides coverage for individual and family therapy. Ask the insurance company about benefits (number of visits and any limitations), co-pays and required deductibles. 


Insurance coverage for assessments and testing can vary widely and can be confusing to understand. Please discuss this with your clinician. 



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