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Butttons that link to a place within the website have a  maroon background when moused over.

For full version:


Headings are color and Times New Roman, 30px with 2 line spacing.  They are placed at 57x and 60y and centered with a stable left margin.  The heading is it's own text box.


Text box is placed at 150y, right or left, with 433 width.  Line spacing is 1.3.  Tahoma, 15px is font.  Color is default. Text heading, if used, is TNR, 18px and bolded.  Color may vary.


Photos are 370 wide and spaced to fit. Photo fram is standard across all pages; click photo, then design.


Large amounts of text are divided into separate text boxes and restricted, if needed, for mobile version. Mobile version cannot be exact replica of online version or it will look stupid. 


Some white space is important.



To Do: make phone numbers clickable in mobile


Make email click more contemporary


Headings - freshen

FB like? Ask BHP

Freshen up colors? Texty Photos

Add Pinterest

Add Amazon store

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